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19 Recommendations Bamugemereire Commission Gave Museveni on Resolving Uganda Land Wrangles

The 19 Bamugemereire Land Commission Recommendations

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The commission submitted their report to Museveni on February 15 after months of grilling top officials, business people and individuals.

Some of those grilled included:

Junior minister Ronald Kibuule

Billionaire Sudhir Ruparelia


Museveni meets Bamugemereire land commission members. Courtesy Photo
Museveni meets Bamugemereire land commission members. Courtesy Photo
  • The multiple land administration, management and conservation agencies be merged into two super bodies.
  • District land boards and Area Land committees be dissolved and their mandate passed on to the proposed Land Authority.
  •  Legal and policy reforms undertaken to facilitate the restructuring of the land sector’s institutional arrangements, enhance accountability, and address historic land distortions.
  • Reduction of current land tenures from four to perhaps three; freehold, customary free hold and leasehold. All government land to be held under freehold by the state.
  •  Implement a nationwide survey and titling of all land, including customary land, with government support through the land fund.
  • Uganda Land Commission be abolished and its functions under the new authority be limited to holding public land only.
  • A futuristic land bank be developed to relieve government of heavy financial burdens and delays associated with land acquisition for public works.
  • The land fund be purposively capitalized and restructured to work effectively under the Land Authority
  • The office of the chief government valuer be restructured, and streamlined, and merged under the Land Authority.
  • Strong and punitive accountability and anti-corruption mechanisms in the land sector should be urgently put in place and implemented, in line with a zero tolerance to corruption policy.
  • All land fraud investigations should be broadened to include the participation of the Financial Intelligence Authority, the Inspectorate of Government, and other key criminal justice agencies.
  • All illegally allocated and acquired government and ‘public land’ be recovered through cancellation of illegally acquired land titles and holding all those found culpable to account.
  • Government to urgently halt the illegal encroachment on protected forests and wetlands, and restore these to the status of 1990.
  • A consolidated and validated national database be urgently developed, that includes the NFA map data, the Wetlands Atlas, and government institutional land.
  • Strengthen pre-land transaction identification processes by mandatory use of national identification for citizens, and relevant documentation for foreigners.
  • The re-establishment of district land tribunals as full time dispute resolution mechanisms with an expanded membership, and chaired by a Grade One Magistrate.
  • Mediation function provided under the Land Act be re-structured to provide for the option of disputing parties to each appoint an additional mediator.
  • The 2012 Draft Legal Aid policy be expeditiously considered and passed by cabinet.
  • Interests of cultural institutions, religious bodies, and women must be represented in the composition of district based land administration and dispute resolution fora, and also within wildlife conservation and benefits sharing processes.

Meanwhile, the commission has since cleared the air on reports that it asked Museveni to abolish mailo land titles.

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