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Kayihura: Only Kaweesi and Kasingye Were So Close to Me

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Uganda’s Police chief Gen Kale Kayihura has said he was close to the force’s slain publicist Andrew Felix Kaweesi and his successor Asan Kasingye.

Kayihura was speaking at All Saints’ Cathedral Nakasero on Wednesday during the memorial service of deceased commandant of Entebbe Aviation Police Colleb Mwesigye.

Kayihura lays a wreath on the casket containing Mwesigye’s body.

The inspector general of police eulogised Mwesigye as a loyal officer.

“I didn’t know him before not until he joined the force in 2007 and since then he has been professionally loyal,” Kayihura said of Mwesigye who died at Nakasero Hospital earlier in the week.

Kayihura then revealed that most officers still considered him as “a foreign object” – save for the late Kaweesi and his successor Kasingye.

“Even after 12 years, some people think I am a foreign object. I think only Kasingye and Kaweesi didn’t see me as that and I think that is why I was so close to Kaweesi.”

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