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Heavy-Hearted: Pastor Kayanja Speaks out on Qute Kaye’s Embarrassing Theft Case

Pastor Kayanja: Don't Judge Qute Kaye

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Rubaga Miracle Centre Cathedral pastor Robert Kayanja has spoken out on the embarrassing arrest of singer Ivan Kauma aka Qute Kaye.

Qute Kaye was recently arrested while stealing a car’s headlights in Busega, Rubaga Division in Kampala.

Qute Kaye got born again at Pastor Robert Kayanja’s Miracle Centre Cathedral in 2017.

Pastor Robert Kayanja on Qute Kaye Theft Case

Speaking during Thursday night service of the 77 DOGs at Rubaga, Pastor Kayanja said “as a soul winner, I came to this place very heavy-hearted especially when you see what a brother like Qute Kaye is going through”.

Kayanja warned against judging Qute Kaye who was still struggling with addictions.

“People like to judge, but just help him,” Kayanja pleaded.

“He came at a point when he wanted to kill himself. This was the last leg. It has been a year and a half, he is still alive – still struggling with heavy addictions.”

He added: “That does not stop our love, prayer and our believing in him, because that is what God called us to do and we will keep on doing that.”

“Remember that a righteous man falls seven times and gets up again,” Kayanja reminded the church.

He also told the congregation not to give up on Qute Kaye.

“We believe God is going to help him get up again. This is not the time to give up” said the man of God.

“It is the time to be there and pray for him. I believe from there now, he will sober up. I know the spirit is willing but the flesh.”

Doors Open for Qute Kaye as Capt Mike Mukula Offers to Rehabilitate Him after Embarrassing Theft Case

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