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Jack Pemba’s Side Dish Honey Suleman Explains Why Socialite Leaked S*x Video Tape

Honey Suleman: Jack Pemba Wanted Me to Send Him Money

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Socialite Jack Pemba’s former side dish Honey Suleman has spoken out on their leaked sex video tape, accusing the former lover of leaking the video to get money from her and her family.


I know about the video and my whole family is aware of it.

If Jack Pemba felt like it was okay to share our intimate moment when we were both in love I have nothing to do about it.

He is an old and mature man and I’m sure he had his own intentions leaking it.

So please stop calling me and telling me about it. temumalaako milembe please. Am past the video drama and all.

If you all get tired of seeing and sharing it you will also move on with your lives.

Temummalaako milembe please..

Mujja kwesortinga and as for Jack Pemba. Allah is watching and Karma is a bitch.

Honey Suleman also dared Jack Pemba to release the second sex tape video if he wants.

She has also sworn not to send any money to Jack Pemba as appeasement for him not to release any more sex video tapes.

“You can release the second video as well am not paying anyone 5,000usd for videos we made out of love.

My family is not paying anything.

So Jack Pemba feel free to release the second video as well.

You won’t have anything else to blackmail me with. I’m a strong woman.”

Jack Pemba Leaks Side Dish S*x Video Tape

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