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IUIU Speaks out on Expulsion of Unmarried Pregnant Students

IUIU Confirms Expulsion of Unmarried Pregnant Students

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The Islamic University in Uganda has opened up on reports of expulsion of female students who conceived yet they are not married.

University publicist Rehema Kantono clarified on the number of students suspended and the nature of their cases.


Some media have reported eighty eight (88), others eighty (80) while other media are reporting forty (40)students.

We fully understand people’s concern but we would wish to inform the public that the above information is not correct.

The fact is that the University handled 23 disciplinary cases at the Disciplinary Committee meeting that sat on 13th April 2018.

The cases handled included theft, consumption of alcohol and pregnancy outside marriage, among others; whose punishments range from an apology to discontinuation according to the University policies.

Those out of the 10 discontinuation cases, only two were final year students.

It is important to note that several of those students, who were not satisfied with the decision of the Disciplinary Committee appealed against the decision to the Executive Board, the highest decision making body of the University, and those who were meeting the financial requirements were allowed to sit for their examinations.

We also wish to inform the public that a formal communication about these disciplinary cases shall be released on Thursday 26th April, 2018 after the Executive Board has handled the appeal cases.

We therefore urge you to be patient with us and understand the circumstances under which such decisions were made.

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