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IGP Ochola Needs Time to Clean up Police, Says Nankabirwa

Nankabirwa tells Parliament to Give IGP Ochola some Time

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Government chief whip Ruth Nankabirwa has told MPs and Ugandans to give Inspector General of Police (IGP) Martins Okoth Ochola time to put the force in order.

Bunya East MP Waira Majegere had expressed concern over Ochola’s move to close over 15,000 police posts.

Police plans to close down some posts on grounds that they have become too weak, and susceptible to criminals who raid them for arms.

With the police posts closed, argued Waira Majegere, the lives of Ugandans will be at risk.


Ruth Nankabirwa. Courtesy Photo
Ruth Nankabirwa. Courtesy Photo

In response, Nankabirwa said Ochola still needed time to reorganize police.

“I am not competent enough to gauge whether he [Okoth Ochola] is performing or not,” said Nankabirwa on Tuesday in parliament.

“I want to request that he be given sometime to organize and reorganize the Police so long as we are safe.”


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