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IGG Mulyagonja Responds to Museveni Attacks

Mulyagonja Tells Museveni to Increase IGG's Budget

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Inspector General of Government (IGG) Irene Mulyagonja has reacted to President Yoweri Museveni’s declaration of loss of trust in her office, regarding the fight against graft.

Delivering his state of the nation address at the Kampala Serena Hotel on Wednesday, Museveni said Mulyagonja had failed.

He even announced a new ant-graft unit.

Read Museveni’s attack on Mulyagonja Here: 

Museveni Says IGG Mulyagonja Has Failed; Parallel Anti-Corruption Unit Created

Mulyagonja Speaks Out on Museveni’s Attacks

Speaking shortly after the state of the nation address, Mulyagonja said government systems had failed her office.

“We cannot have those remarkable levels given the way systems don’t work in this country and given the levels of corruption,” said Mulyagonja.

She asked Museveni and parliament to increase her office’s budget.

“What we would request government to do is to augment our budget,” she said.

“Right now, as the budget stands, there are aspects of it that are missing.”

In the 2017-18 financial year, the budget for the inspectorate of government was Shs 45.4bn.

“The budget and resources we have are not supportive.”

Mulyagonja also noted that the inspectorate did not have a forensic laboratory.

“Right now investigations require to investigate things that have been done on computers, we are relying on the Government Analytical Laboratory and when you go there you must line up with the police and other institutions that use the services,” said the IGG.

The IGG also want more staff to help in the fight against corruption.

“Even as it stood when it didn’t have aspects missing, the staff we have is not sufficient to do the work that we need to do.”

The IGG’s office has about 16 regional offices.

This is the reason the IGG’s office is stuck with over 4,600 corruption cases.

It remains to be seen how a mere unit of three people under the president’s office will deal corruption a blow.

She was pessimistic on how much Museveni’s new unit would achieve.

“If there is money that is going to be put in the unit to investigate corruption, we would request that the money be given to us as the inspectorate because we need it.”

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