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Gov’t: No Money for Striking Doctors, We Can’t Promise What We Can’t Give

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Uganda’s health ministry has told striking medical workers that there is no money to increase their salaries in the current budget

Health minister Jane Ruth Aceng told reporters Wednesday at Uganda Media Centre that it would be imprudent for government to make promises to doctors and fail to fulfill the pledge.

“We operate a cash budget, these demands only work with a budget. We therefore can not start what we can’t sustain,” said Aceng .

She also praised health officers who have refused to join the strike, branding them “patriotic”.

Health workers want medical interns allowances increased from Shs 960,000 to Shs 8.5m; medical assistants and teaching assistants to earn Shs 15m and get two-bedroomed houses and 2.5cc cars.

They have also demanded that senior consultant doctors or professors be paid Shs 48m from the current Shs 3.4m. They also want five-bedroomed houses, 4.0cc cars and three maids.

They also demand that government increase salaries for nurses and midwives to Shs 6.5m, and give them three-bedroomed houses, 2.0cc cars and one house help.

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