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Fufa Launches Anthem, Flag; Starts on Kadiba Training Facility Project

Fufa Partners with Church to Erect Training Facilty

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The Federation of Uganda Football Associations (Fufa) has launched an anthem and flag, and embarked on the construction of a a training ground.


Fufa President Eng Moses Magogo wrote the anthem.

“I got the inspiration in the middle of the night on a football trip in one of the Arab Countries, I wrote the lyrics and shared with people who know music and I believe the Anthem will be a factor for unification,” said Magogo on Tuesday. .

“Music is as source of inspiration and even in wars, people always sing to get motivated. I’m glad that we have continued to build regalia and brand of the institution of Fufa.”

The anthem, sung by Irene Ntale, rallies Ugandans to back national sports teams.

The anthem was launched at Serena Hotel in Kampala.


Fufa has also partnered with Namirembe Diocese of Uganda’s Anglican Church to embark on the construction of the Kadiba ground Fufa training Centre.

The groundbreaking ceremony happened on Tuesday in Kampala.

carried out a ground breaking ceremony at the proposed FUFA training Centre, Kadiba ground.

“We know that this place will not only benefit people who live here but the entire country at large,” said Vicar Reverend Festo Kalungi from Namirembe Cathedral.

“We believe the facility will be a unifying factor and we pray that it is put to good use.”

On his part, Magogo said: “I played football on this very ground for so many years but I am happy that Fufa will have a state-of-the-art training facility here

“Fifa President Gianni Infantino laid a foundation stone here last year and he follows every development that takes place here.”


We Celebrate, Our Nation

Our Future, Uganda

And believe, in the Beautiful Game

of Football, in Uganda

We believe, in Our Mother Body


When the Boys and Girls

Aspire to become Stars

To become Stars

Of the Uganda Cranes

and the Crested Cranes

and the Sand Cranes

Come on our Fans

Our Gallant Fans

Our Sponsors

Our Dear Government

To support the Beautiful Game

One Tribe, One Family

One Religion, One Nation

It is Our Game, It is Our Country.

It is Our Joy, It is Our Nation

The Past and Present Stars

The Fallen and Living Heroes

The Coaches and Referees

The Players and the Officials

Make this Game

One Tribe, One Family

One Religion, One Nation

It is Our Game, It is Our Country.

It is Our Joy, It is Our Nation

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