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FRAUD! Over Shs 15 Billion ‘Stolen’ in NIRA Pupil, Student Registration Exercise

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MORE BILLIONS LOST: Ugandan tax payers lost over Shs 15bn to National Identification and Registration Authority (Nira) officials in an exercise to register learners in 2017. 

Nira Uganda
Nira Uganda

A report by the auditor general into how the funds were spent reveals theft, over pricing, irregular procurement and payment of money for the project.

The mass registration targeted learners between the age of five and 16.

The exercise was intended to help issue these children with national identity cards — and help the education ministry know the number of learners in schools.


National Identification and Registration Authority (NIRA) . offices. Courtesy Photo
National Identification and Registration Authority (NIRA) . offices. Courtesy Photo

But the auditor general report into the project’s funds now reveals loss of funds.


The auditor general’s report reveals a loss of Shs 8.8bn in money paid to facilitate salaried Nira officials.

Nira was unable to account for the money it paid to its officials as facilitation.


The auditor general also faults Nira for issuing out huge cash advances to individual accounts.

The money either lost or irregularly handed amounts to Shs 2.2bn.

Nira paid the money in question to its staff and other personal accounts.

For example, the report reads, one officer Darius Turyahikayo received a total of UGX 489, 410,000 in cash from the accountant.

Also, about Shs 1.4bn was deposited on the accountant personal account between May and June 2017.


Nira also made tax payers lose Shs 2.7bn by over pricing 2,000 laptops and 6,000 batteries.

The auditor general faults Nira for delivering only 350 batteries.

Tax payers footed the entire procurement bill of Shs 8bn on June 30, 2017.

This was “three days after contract signature before any delivery was done”.

In other words, contrary to the contract terms, Nira paid suppliers before they delivered the laptops and batteries.

The auditor general also pins Nira for “failure to follow the original specifications of the laptop computers” and “wasteful procurement of laptops and batteries”.

According to the inspectorate of government, Nira is one of Uganda’s most corrupt agencies.

  1. muluwe boniface says

    Comment:ooooh we really suffered in fields thinking every thing wud be OK but God saw us it was some ones making

  2. Ocaya Dennis says

    Comment: I am one of registration officers, big thank to IGG 4 their audit work done, to add on we have not received payment and facilitation 4 the months of july, november and december upto now

  3. ekapolon says

    Comment: Eos are complaining of their unpaid
    arrears and billion of our sweat are eaten by individuals.thats not fair pay us our money.

  4. ekapolon says

    Comment:pay us our money pliz we sacrificed our time and money to earn facilitation,no transport and at the end not even our salaries .


    It’s unfortunate and worrying to such a government project.
    But all in all that’s Nira but we need our money to be paid for child registration even though you don’t PAY back our transport refund where we used our money from our pockets borrowing government project full of corruption.
    Our kids are going back to school without anything.

  6. Kato christopher Allan says

    But for sure our government ahhaaa,lmagin upto this time l and my officers are still demanding,from June,they paid in installments and the money its self was little,imagine giving you 15,000 per days worked,without any extra Money, l have never seen a corrupt authority like NIRA.

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