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Exposed: How Makerere Administrator Trapped, Sexually Assaulted Kenyan Student

Makerere Suspends Administrator Edward Kisuze for Sexually Assaulting Kenyan Student

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A Kenyan student has produced photographic evidence to pin Makerere University administrator Edward Kisuze for sexually assaulting her, opening yet another can of worms for Uganda’s largest and oldest institution of higher learning regarding sexual harassment.

Cases of sexual harassment have dogged the over 90-year old institution — and lack of evidence has always slowed down, and ‘killed’ cases.

Female students largely bear the burden of the vice, and in a country where sexual matters largely remain an issue of privacy and whispers, it has always been difficult to prosecute sexual harassment cases.

But one student seems to be determined to change this.

Racheal Njoroge Njeri is the girl whose bravery has put Makerere in the spotlight in the past one day.


Racheal Njoroge has recorded a statement at the Makerere University Police Post.

Njoroge was a student at Makerere between 2013 and 2017.

The sexual assault according to her account happened on April 13, 2018, when she had come to pick her academic transcript.

Edward Kisuze, a senior administrative assistant, in the academic registrar’s office, forced the Kenyan student into oral sex, according to her statement.

Kisuze is a married man.

Edward Kisuze is a married man.
Edward Kisuze is a married man.

Below we publish Racheal Njoroge Njeri’s full statement.


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Kisuze Edward and Racheal Njeri Njoroge in the forced oral sex act
Kisuze Edward and Racheal Njeri Njoroge in the forced oral sex act

I Njoroge Racheal Njeri Reg No:13/k/2347/eve came to Makerere University on 13/4/2018 to certify my transcript and pick up my recommendation letter at around 10 am.

When I got to the university, I was referred to room 507 for help where I was first chased away by the personnel in the office and he told me to wait until 2:30pm that he could help me out. I went out and waited patiently on the bench but when it clocked 4:40pm, I could not wait anymore and I went back to see if I had succeeded.

When I got in the room, the staff told me to wait for 5 minutes and see if my transcripts had been worked on. Fortunately, my transcripts were certified and were handed over to me. As I was looking through them, the man who had given me my transcript turned to be so inhuman to me

He grabbed my boobs and started licking them as he lamented how much he loved me. I tried to resist his actions but he was stronger than I. He also grabbed me and threw me on the file cabinets at the corner where my head was hurt by the files and he started kissing my thighs and he told me that he had to lick my vag*na.

While he was in the process, I got my phone and captured some shots because I realized there were no cameras in the room to help me out if I had reported the case. I tried calling Steve in room 515 to help me out but unfortunately the man (room 507) hanged up on me and threw my phone on the chair. He continued harassing me and that’s when he put his fingers in my vag*na which was so painful to me.

I threatened him that I was going to report and make a call to Steve and that’s when he opened for me the room since he had locked it. I got out crying. 

Racheal Njoroge Njeri statement.
Racheal Njoroge Njeri statement.


Edward Kisuze is being accused of sexually assaulting Makerere student Racheal Njoroge Njeri
Edward Kisuze is being accused of sexually assaulting Makerere student Racheal Njoroge Njeri

Makerere University has since suspended Kisuze.

Acting vice chancellor Prof William Bazeyo wrote to Kisuze on April 17.

Kisuze is on suspension and will take home half pay, and is prohibited from setting foot in his office.

“I hereby suspend you from university service on half pay with immediate effect to allow a smooth investigation into the matter,” Prof Bazeyo wrote to Kisuze.

“You are strongly advised to desist from any access to the senate building premises and interactions with students of Makerere University until investigations are completed.”

Makerere suspends Edward Kisuze for assaulting Racheal Njeri Njoroge
Makerere suspends Edward Kisuze for assaulting Racheal Njeri Njoroge

Academic staff association Muasa has praised Racheal Njoroge Njeri for her boldness.

“I thank Ms. Njoroge Rachael Njeri for the heroic act of exposing such a monstrous staff at the risk of her social freedom,” wrote Muasa leader Deus Kamunyu Muhwezi.

Muhwezi has also encouraged “all students facing such anguish to come out and register their complaints”.

“We will support you in bringing the perpetrators of such predatory practices to book.”

Muhwezi also condemned Kisuze’s act. 

“On behalf of Makerere University Academic Staff Association (Muasa) and in unison with Makerere University Management, I condemn all forceful sexual acts against students that we are hired and entrusted to protect in the first place,” he further wrote.

“It is despicable and disheartening for a responsible member of staff to sexually harass a student that is possibly seeking a service or any form of protection from a University staff.”

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