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Gen Elly Tumwine: Kadaga Order on Nommo Gallery is Hot Air; Let Her Take Me to Court

Gen Elly Tumwine Defies Rebecca Kadaga

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Security Minister Gen Elly Tumwine has dared speaker of parliament Rebecca Kadaga to drag him to courts of law if she thinks he is illegally occupying Nommo Gallery.

On Monday, Tumwine told reporters at the Uganda Media Centre in Kampala that he did not owe government any money in rent.

Last week, Kadaga ordered Tumwine to immediately vacate the Nommo National Art Gallery and to pay Shs 1.6bn in rent arrears.

Kadaga Orders Gen Elly Tumwine to Immediately Vacate Nommo Gallery, Pay Shs 1.6 Billion in Rent Arrears

Gen Elly Tumwine Responds to Speaker Rebecca Kadaga

But Tumwine said the Shs 1.6bn figure was simply “hot air”.

“I was not occupying any government facility anywhere; all that is hot air,” said Tumwine,

Even if it were not hot air, Tumwine reminded Kadaga that “rent is not collected by parliament”.

“If you default on rent, somebody is free to take me to court. I have been waiting for that court case so that they give me some money against the truth.”

Tumwine explained how he started using Nommo Gallery:

  • in the past when the artists ran away during the political turmoil, the minister of Culture sent there an overseer who was paid little money but was surviving on earth.
  • When I was chairman of board of trustees, we put there a director.
  • He is the one who manages all the affairs of the Nommo Gallery not my company — not Gen Tumwiine; therefore there has never been an issue of rent anywhere. 

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