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Elly Tumwine: How My Bush War Connections Prevented War Between Uganda and Kenya

Gen Elly Tumwine: Uganda Almost Went to War With Kenya On False Intelligence Reports

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Uganda’s security minister has told intelligence chiefs from 12 countries how false intelligence reports almost led to war between the country and her eastern neighbour of Kenya.

The heads of intelligence agencies are from Kenya, South Sudan, Sudan, Rwanda, Tanzania, Comoros, Djibouti, Mauritius, Madagascar, Somalia, Ethiopia and Uganda.

The intelligence bosses are from member countries of the African Committee of Intelligence and Security Services.

When Uganda, Kenya almost Went to War over False Intelligence Reports

Speaking in Entebbe during the the fifth meeting of the Heads of Intelligence and Security Services on Wednesday, Gen Tumwine revealed how wrong intelligence reports almost caused war between two east African countries.

That, Tumwine revealed, happened in “the mid-1990s when I was Director General External Security Organization (ESO) in Uganda”.

According to Tumwine, the peddlers of wrong information “tried to create a conflict between Uganda and Kenya to the point that both countries were talking of moving their forces towards each other’s border”.

The general, famous for shooting the first bullet in the war that brought President Yoweri Museveni to power in 1986, said he had used connections he had acquired in the 1980-86 war to stop the impending conflict.

“Fortunately, because we had connections with some of the officials in Kenya, which we had established during the struggle; when I rang the Kenyan colleague to cross check on the information they had, we found that it was from the same source as our own,” narrated Tumwine.

“We informed our heads of state and they had a meeting near the border, and later told us that ‘from today, you must share information among yourselves and only call us in when the situation is beyond your ability to handle.”

Since then we have not had a problem like that with Kenya, added Tumwine.

This is why Tumwine warned against “information peddlers” whom he said “make it their business to create unnecessary and unfounded situations”.

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