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Death of Meddie Ssentongo’s Ex-Girlfriend Agnes Masogange: Father Reveals Daughter’s Last Hours on Earth

Gerald Waya: Agnes Masogange Died a Painful Death

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Gerald Waya, father to socialite Agnes Masogange, has narrated to mourners the last days of her daughter on earth.

Agnes Masogange passed on last Friday at the Mama Ngoma Hospital in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

Masogange lost the battle to pneumonia after days in hospital.

She was Gerald Maya’s fourth child.


Agnes Masogange father Gerald Waya
Agnes Masogange father Gerald Waya

“She attended Utengule Usongwe Primary School in Mbeya and later joined Sango Secondary School but dropped out in form two,” narrated Gerald Waya.

Agnes Masogange
Agnes Masogange

“I wasn’t happy we didn’t talk for some time but we later caught up as I accepted her reality, she has been my rock in this family.”

Waya also narrated Masogange’s last call.

“The last time we talked she told me she was in pain and she wouldn’t eat at all,” said Waya, tears welling up in his eyes.

“She asked me for my prayers.”

Waya would later talk to Masogange, her last call with her last words to her father.

“She told me good bye and started crying,” sobbed Waya, a father of seven.

“She was with her sister who also started crying. When I got home they told me she was dead.”

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