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Cuban Doctors Earn Shs 240,000 Back Home But Museveni Will Pay Each Shs 5.4 Million Every Month

Uganda to Pay Cuban Doctors 23 Times Higher than what they are Earning Home

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Uganda will pay each of the imported Cuban doctors Shs 5.4m, yet they earn Shs 240,000 back home — and that is for highest paid ones.

President Yoweri Museveni told the country at the start of May that Ugandan doctors had behaved unprofessionally by going on strike.

The November 2017 by the Uganda Medical Association (UMA) made Museveni look for ways of kicking out these “enemies of the people”.

And that is how the idea of importing Cuban doctors came up.

But Ugandan tax payers will now pay each of the 200 Cuban doctors, at least 23 times higher than what they are earning at home.

Highest paid doctors earn $67 (about  Shs 240,000) a month, while nurses take home $40 (about Shs 148,000).

The Cuban doctors will also earn higher than Uganda’s senior consultant doctors who take home about Shs 4.5m.

Cuba has a population of 11.2 million people — and over 90,000 doctors and most of these are exported to other countries.

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