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Cindy Sanyu Finally Hooks Up New Lover

Cindy: Yes, I am Seeing Someone

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Singer Cinderella Sanyu has revealed he has found a new lover to save her from cold nights, after years of nursing a heartbreak from her past relationship.

Cindy broke up with her Italian man Mario with whom she had a child.

Cindy Sanyu during the interview with Sanyu FM's Crystal Newman
Cindy Sanyu during the interview with Sanyu FM’s Crystal Newman


Cinderella Sanyu
Cinderella Sanyu

Cindy has told Sanyu FM that she was in love again.

“Yes I am seeing someone but we have just started and I want to keep it on a low to avoid media,” said Cindy Sanyu

“I would really not like to speak about it.”

Cindy Sanyu
Cindy Sanyu

Cindy Sanyu said the media had made it difficult for her to find love.

“The last relationship was so dramatic in that even before we officially started pushing, the media claimed that we were already dating,” said Cindy.

“This brought a lot of pressure to the point that the guy’s baby mama started attacking me.”


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