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Businessman Narrates How Disbanded Flying Squad Operatives Tortured Him in Kyengera Safe House, Destroyed His Manhood, Robbed Him Clean

Charles Berwanaho Accuses Flying Squad Unit of Torture, Theft

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Charles Berwanaho, a businessman, is accusing Flying Squad of torturing him and stealing his money, barely a day after IGP Martins Okoth Ochola disbanded the unit and transferred its commander, Herbert Muhangi.

Berwanaho has narrated how Muhangi supervised his torture by Flying Squad Unit (FSU) operatives.

In a morning interview with NBS TV, Berwanaho who hails from western Uganda’s Bushenyi district narrated his ordeal at the hands of FSU.

I have suffered at the hands of Flying Squad three times. But by the grace of God, I survived.

I was first arrested in 2014 because of a land wrangle.

Flying Squad operatives and some elements in ISO and CMI get to know people who have money, and that is the lead they follow to kidnap you. You are either killed or released to prepare to give them money.

The first time I got kidnapped, I was going to park my car at Mogas and another car came.

I was asked who I was but before I even responded about who I was, three strong men bundled me into a Toyota car. As we reached Bweyogerere, another car, a Premio, came and intercepted us.

On August 7, 2016, a Harrier and an Ipsum surrounded me and I was told by Herbert Muhangi, who has been heading Flying squad, that I was needed. I asked for details which I was denied.

They picked the paper bag where the money was. I then entered their Ipsum freely. My wife remained behind in the vehicle and we went to CPS.


I went straight to Muhangi’s office who informed me that I owed someone Shs 150 million.

They started torturing me the whole night.

In that room, there’s a socket, wires, sticks.

In fact I found a man almost dying from there.

These Flying Squad people are very scientific; they have tongs that regulate the electricity that flows through.

The guys torturing me would change but I remember Bekunda and Muhangi would be supervising the torture; they would just come in and tell me they need Shs 500m or else I would never see sunshine again.

They even never masked; they just came the way they were.

These Flying Squad people are very crafty; they do things as if it is lawful.

There is a dim light in the room so they see well while torturing. I became unconscious and they resuscitated me.

My file was sanctioned but they had refused to take me to court until it was prevailed upon by a female officer.

I took my case to court including Muhangi and Bekunda. But since it is Uganda Police Force that investigates, I knew I wouldn’t get justice.

I opted for private justice and they were summoned but never showed up. What one should know is that the Police will try to protect their own at whatever level.

I even went to their own police hospital and they confirmed I had been tortured.

When Muhangi and others refused to turn up at court, I went public and informed Bukedde TV and other newspapers.


I am no longer working; I have sold off most of my property to get treatment. I take very expensive medicine and two injections daily. Each injection costs Shs 130,000 each.

I have sold part of my properties to get treatment. I have sold all my vehicles. Actually, Lt Kakiga wanted to impound three of my trucks but he failed.

I managed to sell them off to get treatment. My last daughter has clinical depression; she no longer laughs, and she is so scared.

Actually, when you called and told me you were coming, she told me not to allow you to come because how sure are we you are the right people? In fact, if I die in the near future, just know it is Lt Kakiga.

When I was giving away my daughter, these same people came with a fake reference from the Kampala Metropolitan Police and came to arrest me that I had faked a document.

This was the third time I was kidnapped. What saved my life was that they registered with Sheema Police Station. These people came through the plantation, grabbed me with the help of policemen from Sheema Police Station and robbed me of all at the money I had.

It was a squad of about six people. By the time people came to know I was missing, they had already driven off. Kakiga, this time, came personally: a former friend became an enemy.

I was in a police car that belonged to Bamusima Bruno, a cadet.

I was blindfolded from Mityana to the safe house. It’s the inmates I found who told me I was in Kyengera.

The house belongs to a policeman who handed it over to ISO; you can see the coordination in police.

I was tied onto a pole at the balcony for two days. These guys were buying time for me to sell my house in town and I give them the ransom.

The only thing I would do was pass urine right where I was.


When I was released, I wrote a 97-page document to the minister for security but he instead only addressed the issue of Lt Kakiga and Sunday Benson on whether they had committed the said crimes.

The previous IGP wasn’t taking care of events.

The current IGP is taking care of the events.

I even wrote a letter to him on March 2018.

I am still being trailed on GPS but I hope now that the new IGP has intervened it will stop.

I want to tell the entire public that God is the first judge and the rest follow. My wife and children are all saved and we have been praying so hard.


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