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Bush War Veteran Matayo Kyaligonza Dragged to Bamugemereire Commission Over Bwaise Land Dispute

Matayo Kyaligonza Accused of Grabbing Kayokamu Land

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Veteran NRA bush war fighter Maj Gen Matayo Kyaligonza has been dragged to the Catherine Bamugemereire land commission over land located at on Block 208, plot 1484 Bwaise Industrial Area.

It is Kayokamu Engineering Company Ltd owners that have requested Catherine Bamugemereire to intervene in the matter.

The company directors have also rushed to President Yoweri Museveni over the same matter.

Kayokamu Engineering Company Ltd  director Allan Kaganda says his father Charles Kayondo bought the land  in 1981 from Prince Badru Kakungulu.

It would later be transferred to Kayokamu Engineering Company.

Kayokamu owners claims that a one William Okwia working for the Milton Obote government encroached on the land.

A year after Museveni took over, Kayokamu Company owners returned only to find their land being used by Kyaligonza.

Kayokamu Company owners claim that Kyaligonza paid director Lawrence Mulumba’s widow Maria Nabasinga Mulumba for her 0.13 hectares.

Instead, surviving Kayokamu directors argue, Kyaligonza took over the entire 0.28 hectares.

The company accuses Kyaligonza of chasing them off the land and of frustrating the court process.

On his part, Kyaligonza is being quoted by a local newspaper as saying he acquired the land from the Custodian Board in 1984.


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