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Burundi President Nkurunziza Says He Will Step Down in 2020

President Pierre Nkurunziza Told Burundians He Will Not Seek Another Term

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Burundi’s President Pierre Nkurunziza has said he will step down when his current term expires in 2020, terming pundits who claim he amended the constitution to cling onto power “enemies of the country”.

Nkurunziza was widely expected to seek another term after the country’s constitution was altered last month.

The new constitution extended the president’s term of office from five to seven years.

It also restores the position of prime minister.

But in a surprise announcement on state television RTNB, Nkurunziza said: “I wish to inform Burundians and the world that I will not change what I said. My term is ending in 2020.”

“This Constitution was not modified for Pierre Nkurunziza as the country’s enemies have been saying. It was amended for the good and better future of Burundi and the Burundian people.”

The president has also pledged support for the new president.

“I am ready to support the new president who will be elected in 2020.”

Nkurunziza, 54, has been president since 2005.

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