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Buliisa MP Mukitale Gets Death Threats from ‘UPDF Soldiers’ over Oil Land

Anonymous Caller Threatens to Harm MP Mukitale if he Returns to Buliisa Constituency

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Buliisa County MP Stephen Biraahwa Mukitale Adyeeri has told parliament his life in danger after gun-wielding men accosted him and warned him never to step in his constituency if he loves his life.

Stephen Mukitale told speaker Rebecca Kadaga on Thursday that he had “found over eight UPDF officers grazing over six herds of long-horned animals”.

“I initially identified myself when they stopped me but I was surprised to find another roadblock being mounted on my return,” narrated Mukitale. 

Mukitale also claimed he had been accused of sabotaging plans by suspected land grabbers interested in the land near the oil pipeline.

“I was being ordered, three guns facing the car, to get out,” said Mukitale.

“They called me a saboteur. I know that area of conflict is the access point of the pipeline from Buliisa to Hoima.”

Buliisa MP Gets Anonymous Call Stopping Him from Visiting Buliisa County

Yesterday, further narrated Mukitale, I got an anonymous caller, Rt Hon Speaker and Honorable colleagues, telling me to stop going to the constituency, that I should stop movements.

Other MPs also said they were receiving threats.

“Why are we being threatened, Rt Hon Speaker?” asked an angry Nora Bigirwa, the Buliisa Woman MP.

“The people we are talking of, you find them dressed smartly in suits, and sometimes even holding guns and they are grazing. It defeats my understanding: what kind of people are these?”

Kadaga then tasked defence minister Adolf Mwesige to assure the MPs of their security.

In response, Mwesige  told Mukitale and threatened MPs that “there is nobody, including members of UPDF, who can stop a Member of parliament, from accessing his constituency”.

The minister added that he had “taken note of the seriousness of the issues Hon Mukitale has raised”.

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