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Bryan White Tired of Ugandans Begging from Him, Wants More Security Guards

Bryan White regrets Being Famous

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Socialite Brian Kirumira aka Bryan White says he is tired of Ugandans blocking him to beg and now wants more security guards to chase begging Ugandans off him.

“If there was a way of getting extra security I would go for it because people are after me,” Bryan White told NTV at the weekend.


Bryan White said “It’s hard for me to even go to the supermarket. When I get out I get lots of problems. People swing me around.

“At my gate I can’t get out because people are always there waiting for me.”

Bryan White added that he had “to request for patrol if I am going somewhere so as to clear the way.”

He also narrated other scenarios where his vehicle was blocked by beggars.

“Recently I was going to my village in Mityana but when we reached Ndeeba we found the road closed because people wanted me to talk to them first,” narrated Bryan White.

“So I had to get out of the car in the middle of the road to first talk to them.”

The socialite also revealed that he sometimes stay home due to lack of security patrol personnel.

“Sometimes you call to ask for extra security and they say: ‘We are busy and can’t send you people to protect you’,” said Bryan White.

“So I stay home.”

Bryan White equally said he was tired of fame.

“I would love to be a normal person because I am not used to this kind of life but I am forced.”

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