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Bobi Wine: Museveni isn’t in Charge of Uganda’s Security, Only Cares about Politics

Bobi Wine Says Museveni Only Cares about Politics

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All snuffed out in an instant by some cruel and heartless individuals! As we speak, the nation is engulfed in fear because non of us knows who will be next.

So many young lives are lost each day and those in positions of authority cannot explain. Often times they arrest innocent people, torture them only for them to be cleared of any wrong doing.

Kidnappings have become very normal. Sadly, it is even hard for the citizens to know who is who. As we have seen these past days, security forces kidnap people and throw them in vehicles without number plates.

In this video, we see President Museveni in 1989 promising that he would not preside over a country where a citizen is murdered and the authorities cannot explain or bring the perpetrators to account.

As we all know, this is what he has been presiding over. He admitted that the police is infiltrated by criminals. Many of us have an experience or two about its inefficiency and lack of professionalism.

It stopped minding about its mandate to keep the citizen safe the day it started doing politics.

And what does our president say?

I just read his statement on this tragedy, and I am sure those who have read it were as shocked as I was.

It shows a leader who is not in charge.

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He is not promising anything. Repeating the very things he has been saying year in year out.

While he makes these promises, there is grief and pain in many corners of our country. Parents are crying. Spouses are inconsolable.

Young children are orphaned due to senseless yet unexplained murders of parents and benefactors.

Only a few days ago, we watched with shock the kind of suffering victims of nodding disease in northern Uganda have to endure every day- in most cases dying slow painful deaths.

Friends, we must wake up and realise that we have a duty to play to redeem our nation before it is too late.

Robert Kyagulanyi Sentamu aka Bobi Wine is Kyadondo East MP


On Tuesday, Police confirmed that Kidnapped Administrator Susan Magara was Found Dead, and her Body Dumped at Southern Bypass.

Police has since announced a Shs 100m prize for whoever identifiies the voice of the man in the audio recording.

Here is the recording of one of Susan Magara’s killers.

In another audio, Susan Magara’s mother pleads with one of the killers. 

By the time of the murder, Susan Magara’s family had paid Shs 700m

Museveni has  ordered an investigation into illegal Airtel Simcards reportedly being used by criminals.

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