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Besigye on Kayihura Arrest: I Sympathize with Him

Besigye Says Kayihura was Used and is now Being Disposed of

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Opposition kingpin Dr Kizza Besigye has spoken out on the arrest and detention of former police chief Gen Kale Kayihura.

Kayihura was airlifted from his farmhouse in Kashagama, Lyantonde district on Wednesday.

He was taken to Military General Headquarters Mbuya where he was grilled for hours before being taken to Makindye Barracks where he spent a night.

He was returned to Mbuya for day two of grilling by top security chiefs.

Besigye Sympathizes with Kayihura

Besigye, perhaps one individual who has suffered most on orders of Kayihura, has said he sympathizes with Kayihura.

Severally, Kayihura blocked Besigye, oversaw surveillance at his Kasangati home and ensured he did not leave his home whenever it was politically wrong for him not to — at least according to government.

After Kayihura was sacked, Besigye said Uganda’s longest serving police chief was an intelligent man.

“I knew Kayihura before he became a soldier and a tool of repression. As a person, Kayihura is fine. He’s not someone who set out to be a bad person.” said Besigye in March in Kampala.

“Kayihura is a very intelligent man. His actions are not without intelligence. He is like the late Nobel Mayombo.”

And now, in response to Kayihura’s arrest, Besigye says he feels sorry for the general.

“My sympathy &prayers for Gen KK [Kale Kayihura] and more so, his family,” wrote Besigye on Thursday.

But before he could send out his sympathies, Besigye said Kayihura had been used and it was now time to be dumped.

“When you allow to be a tool and prove to be a good one, you’ll be used most, wear out fast, have no more use and  be disposed of,” further wrote Besigye on Twitter.

“It’s the choices we make!”

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