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Bamugemereire Commission Opens Up on ‘Advising Museveni to Abolish Mailo Land Titles’ Reports

Bamugemereire Commission Denies Reports on Ban of Mailo Land Titles

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Mailo land tenure system is where permanent ownership of a large plot of land belongs to landlords who acquired it through the 1900 Buganda agreement.

The tenants have a right to live on the land and use it for production.

The Mailo land owners can perpetually sell their land. The land can also be inherited.

In 1998, a constitutional provision made it somewhat difficult for mailo land owners to use their powers against the interests of customary tenants, bona fide or lawful occupants.

Mailo land ownership dates as far as the 1990 Buganda Agreement between the British and Buganda.


On Tuesday, some sections of the press claimed the commission had told Museveni to ban the Mailo Land Tenure system.

Museveni meets Bamugemereire land commissioners. Courtesy Photo
Museveni meets Bamugemereire land commissioners. Courtesy Photo

The commission submitted their report to Museveni on February 15 after months of grilling top officials, business people and individuals.

Some of those grilled included:

The press reports had irked Buganda Kingdom, with some claiming government wanted to grab Buganda land.

But the commission denied the reports in a Wednesday statement.

“The commission has not recommended the abolition of ownership rights currently represented by mailo land tenure,” the commission statement read in part.

“What the commission recommended is that efforts to be made to fuse these parallel freehold type systems into a single tenure to introduce clarity and cohesion.”

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