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Archive: When Fagil Mandy Resigned because Museveni had Renewed Mathew Bukenya’s Contract at Uneb

Fagil Mandy Accused Museveni of Usurping Uneb's Powers

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On Tuesday, the feud between Makerere University Business School (Mubs) principal Prof Juma Waswa Balunywa and council chairperson Prof Venansius Baryamureeba gathered more storm as President Yoweri Museveni re-appointed the former.

The re-appointment had been opposed by first lady and education minister Janet Museveni, and Prof Baryamureeba.

Museveni defied both and directed that Balunywa be re-appointed to extend his two-decade reign at the Nakawa-based institution.

As The pearl Times Archives desk now writes, the situation at Mubs is almost similar to that at assessment body Uganda National Examinations Board (Uneb) in 2014.

2014: When Fagil Mandy Resigned over Museveni Re-appointment of Mathew Bukenya

In April 2014, Mandy resigned after Museveni extended executive secretary Mathew Bukenya’s term.

Mandy was barely two years in office after replacing Prof Lutalo Bbosa in April 2012 — and his contract renewed in July the same year.

The educationist had sharply disagreed with Museveni’s reappointment of Bukenya.

The president’s action was illegal and unlawful, Mandy had said.

The mandate to extend the contract of Uneb executive secretary lies entirely with the board — not Museveni.

“I got the letter renewing Bukenya’s contract. It’s not the President who should have extended the contract, it’s the board and that’s the fact,” Mandy had said finally and resigned. 

Prof Balunywa Re-appointment: How Prof Baryamureeba Shot Himself in the Foot


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