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Apass on Flavia Tumusiime-Andrew Kabuura Engagement: A Ring Means Nothing

Singer Apass Yet to Give Up on Flavia Tumusiime after Engagement with Kabuura

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Singer Apass has not yet given up on media personality Flavia Tumusiime even when she annoucnced she had got engaged to radio and TV presenter Andrew Kabuura.

During Monday Morning at NTV show, Tumusiime revealed to viewers how Kabuura had proposed to her.

Flavia Tumusiime: I Got Engaged to Andrew Kabuura

Flavia Tumusiime's engagement ring
Flavia Tumusiime’s engagement ring

Tumusiime told co-host Malaa Kivila Odera: “Over the weekend, I got engaged.”

Visibly surprised, Odera screamed, hugged and kissed Tumusiime on live TV in celebration.

Odera even wished it was her.

“It was a nice surprise; I will be honest, I hate surprises because I never know how to react,” continued Tumusiime.

“I was dumb founded. I kept quiet for a while. I did cry but am looking forward to it.”

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Enter Apass


But Apass, who in 2016 declared her love to Flavia Tumusiime as the media personality joined NTV, has revealed he is yet to give up on Tumusiime.

“I love you Tumusiime Flavia; I have loved you from day 1,” confessed Apass in 2016.

About two years ago, Tumusiime had said Apass was not her type.

And rumours started emerging she and Kabuura were an item.

But Apass now says the engagement ring is simply nothing.

“The engagement ring means nothing at all, people lie all the time. #Period,” wrote Apass.

“Kabuura and Flavia were eating food that doesn’t mean anything; it was food time so please stop sending me messages about engagement because I also have engagement on twitter.”

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