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Men Arrested for Printing Fake MTN Airtime Recharge Cards Detained at Naggalama

Fake MTN Airtime Cards Printed in DR Congo

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Uganda Police says it has arrested and detained four men for reportedly “faking MTN airtime recharge cards”.

Robinson Muheki, Simon Bwambale, Benon Biraaro, and Isaac Akankwatsa are currently detained at Nagalama Police, according to Kampala Metropolitan Police (KMP).

Another suspect is on the run, added police.

Some of the fake MTN recharge cards. Courtesy Photo
Some of the fake MTN recharge cards. Courtesy Photo

“Police has been trailing the suspects for over seven months before being apprehended,” read part of a news statement by KMP.

“it is alleged that the suspects specialise in printing fake vouchers popularly called recharge cards from Democratic Republic of Congo, seal and then send them to Uganda through Kihihi a small town in Kanungu District, approximately 30 kilometres, by road from the border to be distributed to unsuspecting victims.”

According to police, people had complained of “robbers who pose as dealers in recharge cards”.

The force said the suspects sold their airtime cheaper than the genuine scratch cards.

They would plan to meet interested buyers.

Ready to make profit, the unsuspecting prospective buyers would turn up to pick the cards and pay money, only to be robbed at gunpoint.

Police has in its possession the recovered fake cards worth over Shs 110m.

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