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40 Ugandan Girls Rescued from Sexual Slavery in Thailand

Ugandan Girls rescued as Human Trafficking Gang is Intercepted

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At least 40 Ugandan girls are among hundreds of women rescued in Thailand enroute to Asian countries of Brunei Darussalam, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, and Vietnam for sexual slavery.

According to Lt Gen Jaruvat Vaisaya, the head of the Thailand Anti-Trafficking in Persons Task Force (TATIP), seven Ugandan girls from other operations had been returned home.

The others are still being interrogated at the immigration department’s International Detention Centre in Bangkok.

Lt Gen Vaisaya said that the girls had been convinced they would get juicy jobs in Thailand.

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 “Once they get to Thailand they are told there is no job, the money they were given at home and any other money they have is taken off them, and they are told they have a debt to pay,” explained Vaisaya.

“Sometimes this is up to $40,000 and all they have done is flown from Uganda to Thailand. How can they ever pay that?”

Lt Gen Vaisaya said ‘black magic’ is one of the methods used by the Ugandan human traffickers to force their victims to comply.

He also explained why the process of repatriating some of the girls delays, sometimes.

“We try various methods to get the women to talk to us. NGO NightLight visits the victims and talks to them to try and get them to cooperate, and helps them in other ways, but it is very difficult to get them to speak,” he explained.

“If they cooperate we can finish our investigation and prosecutions faster, meaning they can go home sooner.”

Recently, Uganda recalled Nimisha Madhvani, her ambassador to United Arab Emirates (UAE), over slave trade of Ugandan girls in Asian countries.

A number of companies are licensed to help find Ugandans employment abroad.

But some of these reportedly feed the Middle East slave markets.

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Credit: AEC News Today

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