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270 Former Flying Squad Operatives Ordered to Re-apply for Jobs

Flying Squad Unit not Disbanded

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Former operatives of the Flying Squad Unit have been directed to re-apply for deployment, with police revealing that the officers will undergo refresher training.

Police CID spokesperson Vincent Sekate said police had started on a plan to rebuild the unit and that it has not been disbanded as earlier reported.

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“We have not disbanded the unit, it is still there, but we want to recompose it and give it more power, energy and skills so that they can be in position to fight the sophisticated kinds of crimes that are taking place,” said Sekate.

On Wednesday, police conducted a manpower unit of the operatives.

“We profiled all these people [who came]. There are those who maybe want to try their services in other units; there are those who want to remain in the unit,” said Sekate.

“We have given an opportunity to those who want to remain to do fresh application.”

After the re-application process, Sekate said, police would embark on a vetting exercise.

Within the next three days, the exercise will be done, added the publicist.

“We need these people; there is a gap and we need them to go back to their duties.”

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